Menu Information

Wesley Child Center is enrolled in the Illinois State Board of Education’s Child and Adult Food Care Program. This program is designed to promote a balanced diet for infants and young children. We provide the children with a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.

The components of the morning and afternoon snack include two of the following components: Fluid Milk ½ cup-1 cup depending on age, Juice, fruit or vegetable, meat or meat alternate, grains/bread. Items that are chosen from these components are also required to be of a certain portion, which will depend on the age of the child.
The components of Lunch include all of the following: Fluid Milk ½ cup - 1 cup depending on age, meat or meat alternate, Vegetables and or/fruits (2 or more), grains/breads. Portions will vary depending on the age of the child.
All children are provided with the portion required for the first serving. Seconds are served as children finish. During morning and afternoon snack children are given one serving of juice and then as much water as they request. For lunch the children are given on serving of milk and then either seconds of milk or water, whichever the child chooses.
Children have access to water throughout the day. Besides what they are given at snack and lunch they have access to our water fountain and on hot or humid days the teachers will offer the children extra drinks. All children are welcome to bring their own water bottle as well to be able to take it outside (watering station).