Infant/Toddler Program

This program utilizes two of our classrooms. The first classroom is for our younger infants, children who are on their own schedule and who are less mobile. While in this room children are fed, nap and are awake according to their own schedules or the schedule that parents hope that they follow. Children's diapers are changed at regular intervals (more frequently if needed.) The teachers keep a record for parents of how their child spent his or her day. This record will be available for parents to take home at the end of the day and is also filed for our records. There are eight infants in this room with two full time teachers and support staff as needed. The children in this room are six weeks through 10-12 months.


The second classroom is for our older infants and younger toddlers. In this room children are becoming mobile, have started on jar foods and may be beginning table foods. They will be using sippy cups, working on feeding themselves and as they get older we will offer them cups without lids. As the children get older they begin to follow the same schedule as others in the group. A morning snack is offered at 9 am, lunch is served at 11 am and then children will have an afternoon nap beginning around 12:30. When the children wake up from a nap they will eat an afternoon snack. Bottles are offered at the times that parents request. Children are usually in this room from ten to twelve months old until they are eighteen to twenty four months.

This program also uses two of our classrooms. The first room is for older toddlers or children who are about to turn two. There will be ten cbe ten to twelve children in this room with two full time teachers. The children in this room are about eighteen months old and will stay in this room until they are between two and two and a half. They will work on lots of self help skills in this room. Drinking from a lidless cup, puttin on their own clothing and shoes. And as they are ready will begin to use the toilet.


The second classroom is for our older two year olds. This room will have twelve two year olds and two full time teachers. The children in this room work on even more self help skills, but also colors, shapes and progressively start to recognize their names as well as the names of the other children in their group.





Older Toddler/Two Year Old Program

Preschool Program

In rooms 7 & 8 you will find our preschool classrooms. This program serves children who are at least three years old and they will stay in this program until they go to school. Room #7 is for the youngest preschool children. Children who are three or newly three. Room #8 is for the oldest twenty children at Wesley who have not yet gone to school. This room also serves as a Preschool for all setting.


There are ten children in room #7 with one full time teacher. Room #8 serves twenty children with two full time Wesley teachersa and the Preschool for All teacher.

School Age/After School Program

Once your little one goes to school they can still attend Wesley Child Center. We offer an after school program for children that attend Lincoln and Edison Elementary schools. The children come to Wesley after school and on days when school is closed. This program is only offered to alumni of our center. When the children arrive after school they will have gross motor time, snack, and quiet time for working on homework or just relaxing after a busy day.


During the summer the School age children can attend Wesley for a full day, full week program. Children in the after school program have the first opportunity for openings in the summer. The program is bursting with activities. The children swim on a regular basis, take many field trips, learn about new things and enjoy the comfort of old friends.

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